Nokia C3-00 Mic Solution


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    Nokia C3-00 Mic Solution

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    Nokia C3-00 Mic Solution
    Nokia C3-00 Mic Solution

    if you have mic problem in cellphone nokia c3-00 then this cellphone diagram will help you to solve this problem in a few steps.in first step check board vary carefully if there is any water damage or rust on board then clean it with any electronics cleaner and leave it to dry for a few mint under electrical bulb so that it can be dry the cellphone board.

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    Nokia C3-00 Mic Problem Solution Jumper Ways

    in step two check mic and remove it from board and check continuity with meter on board if mic points on board shows that value is correct.then here can be problem in cellphone mic so check mic also and replace the mic for cellphone service.
    if mic is ok and value is no good on board then check this link as shown in diagram in red and blue lines.all mic ways are shown with two different colors and on each component a small circle shows where you have to make jumper on that component.
    if on a resistance on both side here is circles then we can make jumper at any side of it but if a component have a single circle on one side of component then we have to make jumper on that side only.
    for more detail and new tips and tricks about cellphone problem keep visiting this page we will update it timely with new cellphone diagrams.some related post are also given bellow you can read them also for more information about cellphone.

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